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Bucky barnes


Rise of Oswald: an active Disney/Fairytale Town RPG

For years the people of Fantasia Grove idolized Mickey Mouse, the happy-go-lucky hero for all the beloved fairytale characters who had saved them time and time again. That’s why everyone panicked when Fantasia Grove started to fall apart and their almighty hero didn’t take his cue. But who was there to save them? None other than Oswald Iwerks. Most had been forgotten all about Oswald, too busy praising the younger brother who had stolen his spotlight. 

Oswald was there when these people needed him the most. Some he had saved before their part of the enchanted world started to fall apart, others he saved just in the nick of time. He’s even going out of his way to see that the Mad Doctor, who is wreaking havoc on the town of Grimmsvale, is stopped so that the loved ones that have been lost can return and so Fantasia Grove can be repaired. All anyone knows is that Oswald is the hero that they needed and deserve.


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